TopTenREVIEWS 2013

OffGamers is one of the best MMORPG services because they provide services for a large variety of games. Additionally, this is one of the easier services to use, with a well-designed interface and excellent customer support options. OffGamers also partners with actual game publishers, which makes them a more reliable site when it comes to purchasing anything for an online community. Unlike many of the other MMORPG services on the market, OffGamers offers services for well over 200 video game titles and even gives you the option to sell your goods on their site. Because of their outstanding customer support, large number of games and site customization options, OffGamers earns our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.

Ease of Use: 10/10

OffGamers has one of the most intuitive sites in the MMORPG online services category, with tabs, navigation buttons for transaction type and game listings at each level. Promotions and hot products on this site are placed in ideal locations, so it will be to your advantage to check back frequently. When it comes to finding any of the popular games, accessing upcoming events and promotions, or simply finding help and support options, OffGamers makes it easy. The MMORPG site organizes every item according to product, platform, relevance and genre. You can also filter games alphabetically or by keyword, product type, platform and genre.

Feature Set: 8.8/10

If you are selling or buying, OffGamers has fantastic localization features (powered by Google Translate) that allow you to set your language and currency preferences. All of your transactions, communication and searches will then be conducted in your language of choice. OffGamers is one of the few MMORPG services that allow you to search the entire store by keywords or product name in other languages.

OffGamers has a few special features, including their news page and toolbar. If you are really into MMORPG or just RPG, the news page provides a wealth of information concerning events and promotions, announcements and other gaming news. They offer quotes for the in-game currency you are trying to sell, which is a must for any good MMORPG service.

Recently, they added some additional features, such as a new toolbar along the bottom of the page that allows you to log into your account, register, access live chat support, connect to Facebook, inspect the contents of your cart and checkout.

Transactions: 8.8/10

You can buy currency for over 40 of the top online MMORPGs, power leveling for a variety of the most popular games and CD Key/Game Points for more than 50 games. These figures reflect their broad coverage of the MMORPG scene. OffGamers has focused a good portion of their energy on being able to deliver on all of these services, and they are able to deliver every time. As of late, they have also updated their site and given their customers the ability to buy accounts, which is a huge plus. The fact that this company focuses most of their attention on the customer aids them in being one of the top MMORPG services on the web.

Pricing: 7.5/10

When you register with OffGamers, your purchase history will be tracked in order to qualify you for discounts. You may receive up to a 6 percent storewide discount based on how often you are purchasing currency, power leveling or other service. Their pricing is competitive, and as with all MMORPG services, it is subject to change based on the popularity of the game or amount of people farming gold. We found that the pricing for World of Warcraft gold and Aion gold was typically some of the cheapest on the web. The price for in-game currency on the less popular games is quite a bit higher than we were used to seeing, however.

Game Selection: 10/10

OffGamers provides services for 21 of the 22 games we included in this survey. You’ll find World of Warcraft for U.S. and Europe, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Rift, Warhammer and many more. The list of games is one of the largest we have seen on any MMORPG site. That being said, some of the games do not fall under the category of an RPG but are more of just a massive multiplayer online game. Even with the large selection of non-RPG titles, we were pleased to see that the major RPGs are included and that the company is able to provide better-than-average pricing for each game.

Customer Service & Reliability: 10/10

This MMORPG service has excellent customer service, which you may find yourself needing, especially if you are new to the MMORPG gaming scene. The OffGamers customer service section is complete with a gaming FAQs section, user and payment guides and, our favorite, live chat support. The comprehensive FAQs section is organized by topic and provides details about transactions, security assurances and additional ways to reach customer service. Because every situation will be unique, OffGamers provides several live chat support options. You can send a message with your return email address, subject, product type and a sentence or two about the issue you are currently experiencing, or you can choose to speak to a live agent about specific buying and selling issues. This MMORPG service also provides a support email and telephone number for further customer service options.

To better serve you, OffGamers encourages you to leave feedback after each purchase through a survey for you to complete. This feedback helps OffGamers know what you expect from them as a MMORPG service.

The checkout and delivery process is seamless, as you can easily complete the full purchasing process in minutes. After paying for the product, OffGamers guarantees product delivery within15 minutes (if not instantly), so there’s no waiting, just playing.


OffGamers is a very clean and easy-to-understand MMORPG service that supports both purchasing and selling of in-game currency and other services. You’ll find what you want as you take advantage of their frequent currency promotions and discounts. Their extensive help and support features make it possible to track your order and get in contact with the company if you ever run into a problem. With OffGamers, you should receive your service promptly, as promised. Feel confident, save time and have fun in the world of online gaming.