Our Leadership Team

leonard chee ogm

Leonard Chee

Chief Executive Officer

Leonard Chee is the co-founder and CEO of OffGamers, a prominent online game store and distribution platform for gamers, game developers, and publishers. Over the years, as an avid gamer himself, Leonard has always wanted to offer gamers a distribution platform that caters to every gamers’ needs. OffGamers now boasts over thousands of game titles, facilitating over millions of users worldwide and offers over 200 localized payment options. Leonard has also lead many strategic initiatives that provide game publishers and developers a gateway to adopt leading technologies, pushing the boundaries of monetization, and pioneering new concepts and products through OffGamers.

Kim Chin is the Chief Operating Officer for OffGamers. Admired for her financial prowess and attention to details, Kim oversees the team that handles the company’s daily finances, logistics, operations, accounting ledgers and reports. Being a gamer herself, micro-managing is what she does best when it comes to establishing departmental goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures for the company.

kim ogm

Kim Chin

Chief Operating Officer
chingyen ogm

Ching Yen

Chief Technology Officer

Ching Yen is the key person who leads the talented and brilliant tech team. She oversees most of the codes, manages projects with the developers, and maintaining the health of the system architecture that powers the entire OffGamers’ network. A seasoned software engineer, Ching Yen has developed new solutions with codes in various programming languages that improves efficiency and productivity in every department for OffGamers. She loves biking and exploring unknown horizons, to which she applies her passion of programming into building new applications that comes with its own risk and rewards.

Karyn Thng is a midcore gamer at heart and her expert insights on gaming trends have opened doors to new possibilities for OffGamers, developing new business relations and increasing the company’s presence in the gaming industry. She manages the daily business operations and leading her executives into forming vital partnership with local, and international game publishers. Prior to closing deals and sourcing potential prospects, Karyn has over a decade of experience in strategic business and human resources. She is currently on the selection panel for Mdec’s IPCC.


Karyn Thng

Human Resource Director
alfred lee

Alfred Lee

Business Development Director

Alfred is OffGamers born and bred. Starting his professional career at OffGamers, he worked his way from the Operations department to now the Business Development Director. Along the way, he developed his strong business acumen. His unique insight helps to monitor international markets and identify the best products and services to be integrated into our platform. His tenacity in finding new business opportunities is an inspiration to his department and helps OffGamers to keep its competitive edge sharp.