Integrated Services

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OffGamers Online Distribution

In the e-Commerce world, sets itself apart from the competition by delivering efficient product delivery with competitive product pricing under a secure shopping experience. With a wide payment network coverage that’s tailored-made for region localization, the OffGamers platform is now a global brand, serving a global audience.

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Servicing that global audience requires flexibility in payment methods and OffGamers fills that gap with our 200+ payment methods that caters to major currencies worldwide. And we don’t stop there. We continue to improve the overall shopping and user experience by constantly upgrading our e-Commerce infrastructure with unparalleled variety, improved accessibility, geographic segmentation and excellent localized online distribution.

All of this is achievable with the passionate crew at OffGamers, that helps propel our e-Commerce business portal into a global brand that provides a world class online video game distribution platform to our key publishing partners and customers.

Mobile Platform – Wireless Application Protocol

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In this day and age, a brand must have a presence in the mobile devices market in order to remain relevant to today’s digital audiences. We’ve developed our mobile portal to maximize reach and mobility while still providing a user experience that’s optimized for mobile devices. Using WAP technology, we’ve improved the accessibility for OffGamers’ mobile site. The WAP portal deals more with the wireless versions of broadband and local connectivity, mobile multimedia formats, and different input methods.

Simple, Efficient, Effective. The mobile portal of is a powerful platform, offering a great shopping experience that is easy-to-use and highly portable. Bringing additional value-added services for our customers and publishers.

Direct Top Up

We continually seek ways to improve our customers shopping experience and we’ve done so by developing a truly unique system with OffGamers’ Direct Top Up System. A system that allows you to seamlessly top-up your game from purchases within our site.

The goal for OffGamers’ Direct Top Up System is to provide an unparalleled convenience to our customers by allowing immediate reloading towards their game accounts after purchase. The steps are simple. Purchase the codes from OffGamers on selected games, login to your game account and reload. Connecting to the game’s server via API, we’ve eliminated the hassle of code keys so that you can game immediately after you shop.

OffGamers Point rewards

We love our customers at OffGamers and want to reward their loyalty. That’s why we’ve introduced OffGamers Point rewards, where every successful transaction(s) made for any products listed on the OffGamers online store will be rewarded with points. Collect the points to redeem great rewards at OffGamers! Our OffGamers Point rewards will definitely benefit gamers that are loyal and devoted to OffGamers because the greater the loyalty, the greater the rewards!