December 9, 2021

Get Your Business Ready With OffGamers In 5 Steps

As all things are heading to a more globalised system, the gaming industry is no exception from this reality. If you fail to cater your games/products to the global audience, your business will literally miss the world. That said, here at OffGamers, we offer video game entities a safe and convenient platform to distribute their digital products and services. Currently, OffGamers has been hosting over 300 localised payment gateways and have garnered over 10 million registered users, all dedicated in helping our gaming business partners to grow and populate their brand. Piqued your interest? Here’s how we connect your product and services to the world.

Part 1: Breaking The Ice

Let’s chat. If you feel that OffGamers’ vision aligns with your product and services’ objectives, then we are more than willing to help. If you like what we do, you can hit us up at where we can set up a meeting to discuss how we should progress with the collaboration. Generally, the early stage of the meetings would include the exchanging of business decks and other legal necessities like the KYC compliance. And once we’ve got the agreements down and the consensus of all relevant parties, we’ll then begin with populating your products to our website.

Part 2: Setting Up Your Product and Services’ New Home

Once we’ve received the necessary media materials—like images and banners—from your end, we will begin creating your product to be placed on our website with relevant details and content. And if your products have support for direct top-up, our website’s API is more than capable of integrating DTU services. Plus, we have a team of specialised experts that manages the backend for it.

Part 3: Announcement to The World

Our team will also churn out the necessary press releases to various news outlets to announce our partnership. This will provide your product and services exposure to the relevant industry leaders that will most definitely help you gain recognition in the gaming industry. Simultaneously, the product page for your products will be made live and would be accessible to our customers around the world.

Part 4: Branding and Marketing Your Product

Aside from the press releases—which are more catered for business entities—we also have a dedicated team that helps your product market your products to gamers worldwide. We have a dedicated team that ensures your products are expertly marketed to various social media platforms in a unique and interactive way. Plus, as gamers and professionals, we understand the best of both worlds which will help to promote your products with trendy campaigns that resonate with our audience.


Part 5: Feedback and Reporting

At the end of every campaign we will have extensive reports on the campaigns’ performance, sales and outcome. These are valuable indicators as to whether your products are performing as it should, while also determining whether there are any holes in our marketing and sales that need to be patched. Therefore, we can assure you that with us, your products will enjoy continuous improvement—both on the sales and marketing end—as we will consistently monitor its performance on a monthly basis.

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