December 10, 2021

5 Ways To Increase Customer Spending On Video Games

As of 2020, the video game industry is approximately worth up to $159.3 billion but spending money on video games definitely doesn’t have a nice ring to it, especially when compared with spending cash on books or other necessities. Hence, if you’re in the video-game industry, it's a harsh reality that your business has to face that video games are still seen as a taboo by many. And as a major game distributor ourselves, OffGamers is always seeking new and innovative ways to help our game suppliers and ourselves to increase our revenue in this challenging industry. Here are some of the best marketing methods we have tried or are in the middle of trying which we think can be very effective in improving our customer’s spending on video games.

1. Selling More Than Just Products

If we were to just sell game keys, codes and top-ups, we would just be like any other game distributors out there. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we want purchasing customers to come back. As such, for every purchase OffGamers’ customers make, they will be rewarded with our exclusive OffGamers points that can be used to redeem store credits in the future.

2. Regional Support

Video games are globalised and there are still many platforms out there like Blizzard still does not have the available currency for countries like Malaysia. Here at OffGamers, we do our utmost to cater to all customers around the globe by having multiple region-based products. This will allow customers to purchase at a slightly lower price and is inviting as the prices are localised.

3. Promotions and Discounts

Promotions and discounts are pretty much bread and butter for all businesses. This still holds true for the gaming industry as we see major gaming platforms like Steam host countless seasonal events like their well-acclaimed Summer sales. Every month, OffGamers will also host its very own monthly campaigns that field our best performing products, entailed with better deals and rewards.

4. KOL Involvement

KOLs might be seen as many as sell-outs but they are also eye-catchers that provide interesting content when they stream or play video games. For instance, Twitch stars xQcOW has garnered over 400+ million views and has a sizable fanbase in the gaming industry. By getting some of these big names to promote our services or games, we are confident that they would be able to influence their followers to consume our products.

5. Multiple Payment Support With Awesome Customer Support

Having a limited amount of payment support is one of the few deal-breakers for customers. Online services that only provide support for PayPal will lose potential customers as opposed to its competitors that have online banking and e-wallet included in their system. Additionally, the importance of an accessible customer support is also imperative to an online service. What we’ve integrated into our business ecosystem is that OffGamers customer service is available 24/7 in three different languages; English, Chinese and Malay. Therefore, on the off chance that customers were to encounter any issue, they would not be completely lost as there will always be someone to attend to them.

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