December 14, 2021

5 Parameters To Improve Content Distribution With OffGamers

Populating and distributing your gaming content on a platform foreign to your company can be a huge ordeal. This is understandable as there are many factors that a business product owner would need to consider before setting their products in a new home. That said, OffGamers has gone through great lengths to ensure that their business partners have a seamless experience distributing their products. For one, OffGamers have a set of parameters where its business partners can enable/disable to help them optimise their whitelisting and blacklisting of countries. The parameters include:

Limiting Access by IP Address 

There are numerous countries that have imposed restrictions to certain video games or its in-game products. For instance, there are many countries/regions that have restricted distribution rights for video games and its in-game purchases, and therefore, setting these restrictions are crucial to the success of the distribution. By doing so, OffGamers will know where the customer is accessing the page from and can prevent or allow them to access the content, as per the product owner’s requirements.

Mobile Number Verification

When accessing certain products, OffGamers has the ability and the authority to request a mobile number authentication for verification purposes. This process is done through an OPT code where OffGamers will be able to locate the registered phone number. All of the mentioned authentication processes are powered and handled by a security site called Shasso.

Payment Gateway That Is Country-based

Aside from imposing network restrictions, game distributors that use OffGamers’ platform can also opt to select the payment options available to the customers.Therefore, if there are certain banks or currency that game distributors want to avoid or add to their products, OffGamers has the ability to make the inclusion and exception.

Address Verification

Before registering for an OffGamers account, one of the particulars that is requested is the customers’ billing address. This information will allow OffGamers to indicate where the customers are residing and if the address they provide does not correspond with their account’s phone number—their phone number is from a different country—OffGamers will be able to detect this discrepancy and prevent the customer from making the purchase.

Email Domain

Aside from mobile phone number and physical address. OffGamers can also limit customers’ access to certain products through their email address domain. For instance, if the customer’s email address has an (.sg) domain, OffGamers will know that this customer is currently residing or natively from Singapore. With the email domain being specified, the customer would not be able to view the product page from OffGamers website based on their registered domain. Additionally, OffGamers can also restrict certain promo emails of specific products sent to these email addresses based on the domain their email addresses are registered under.

Final Note

Understanding that many game distributors would want to limit their products for specific countries due to regional laws or policies, OffGamers is more than equipped with the necessary tools to cater products to specific audiences. Essentially, game distributors can also choose which parameters above that they want to enable for their products to optimise for the best distribution experience.

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